Our Mission is to Provide a World‑class Education

We take pleasure in introducing FIPS, We are a leader in online education and have been for almost two decades. FIPS Academy is an online One to One(classes one student and one teacher per classroom). This allows teachers to personalize course material for student strengths, interests and learning styles. It also allows us to customize a schedule that works for your life. During COVID-19, we’re offering our personalized approach online.

With our one teacher and one student virtual classrooms, students stay engaged and don't get lost is an online classroom


Why we are special:

  • Live, One to One Instruction
  • Highly Qualified Teachers
  • 15+ years Experience
  • Convenience and Flexibility Timing
  • High-Quality Student-Tutor Interactions
  • Unit Exams
  • Pastpaper Revisions
  • Parents can view student progress via Online Performance Sheet
  • Online Attendece & Fee Reports
  • Flexible Payment Schemes
Academic Curriculum

We teach Edexcel, Cambridge & Local Syllabus

Expert Teachers

Classes Conducted by Graduate Female Teacher from Sri Lanka.

Online Reports

Parents can monitor Student Performance, Register & Fee Details.

Easy Payment Methods

Online Fund Trasfer & Western Union Method

Our Teacher Panel

BSc (Hons), IADIC (NCC), IDCS (University of Cambridge), MUKAP (UK)
Mrs. Dharshi
BSc (Hons), IADCS (UK), AUKAP (UK)
Ms. Chrish
Bachelors in Management Studies - Finance (Hons), MBA (UK)
Ms. Sri
Bachelors of Medical BioScience (Monash University), Certificate in Molecular Techniques(AIBS)

Student Community Feedback

When I was a child, I used to fear mathematics. But now, I am in love with mathematics because of FIPS Academy



I really like the way you take my class, this is the first time I got 90 marks for Physics.



Wow my tutor went step by step through my homework and made every problem seem easy


Sri Lanka